Prior to the beginning

Long months of intensive search was finally coming to an end. I was looking for a Shetland Sheepdog, a little girl who could become my family and best friend. Then, on November 6th, 2018, a beautiful Sheltie named Sheela gave birth to a litter of four gorgeous girls in Hønefoss, Norway. I didn’t know it yet, but five weeks later along with frequent contact with the breeder, I was offered one of these puppies who would become my little Silke.

1 week old. Photo credit: Siri Drange

It was so much fun watching them grow bigger and stronger each day, with hope and excitement in my eyes. Constantly on the edge of my seat in the most nervous state of mind I’ve ever been. So, after five long weeks of waiting I met them for the first time. They were all so cute, curious and playful, mother Sheela was seeking attention (and possibly a tiny break from the little ones), and the breeder was nice, open and knowledgeable. 

Daydreamer, 4 weeks old. Photo credit: Siri Drange
Daydreamer, about 6-7 weeks old. Photo credit: Siri Drange

Finally, another three weeks of patience and preparation later I drove back to Hønefoss and picked her up January 1st, 2019. The best possible way to start off the new year and a life changing moment I won’t ever regret. I have never been so relieved, happy and terrified of doing something wrong all at once.

Everything can truly change in a second. After many years of waiting for the right time in my life and many months of searching I finally became a Sheltie-mom. One minute I’m alone in the world, but also free as a bird. The next I am responsible for another living creature, the one person she will rely on for both survival and happiness.

All photos attached to this post are taken by and
the property of Siri Drange, breeder at Mieelas Poter

Silke 🐾

Natalie 💕


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