A very barky New Year

Kicking off the New Years by driving to Mieelas Poter in Hønefoss, Norway, to pick up my little Daydreamer was the perfect start of a new year. It was cold and more snow the closer we got to where the breeder lives. Despite the fact that the puppies had just been playing, thus being exhausted, they were so happy for our visit. After a nice and informative talk with the breeder, signing the contract and receiving som tips, my puppy was picked up from her bed for the last time, carried away from her sisters and placed in my hands. 

I got her harness on pretty easily, even though she had never used one before. Maybe that’s why it was easy since she had no idea what was happening. It was a strange feeling as the breeder closed the door behind us, the feeling of responsibility and need to make everything feel as safe as possible, as soon as possible.

I was fully prepared for her being scared or sad about leaving the safety of her home, sisters, mother and breeder, and being placed with no warning into a strange car with almost-strangers. She was shaking, both because of cold and fear, but that lasted all of three minutes as she calmed down in my lap with som treats. 

Silke in “her” new Uncle-Cat Kaos’ crate, on her way to her new home

Surprised and amazed by how fast she felt safe and happy with us, immediately exploring the crate, my lap, the window and surroundings, and even wanted to climb up my body and nuzzle with my hair. Just a few whimpers, seemingly of boredom rather than fear.

Two and a half hours later we were finally home. It was dark and since I lived by the coast there was no snow there. Still cold though – you know, winters in Norway. But even there, she was a true Superpuppy, the Girl of Fur, brave as they can be and dived head first into anything.

Her new toys are so much fun she had to drag them with her
into the bedroom – who’s got time for sleep, right?

She was running around, exploring the rooms with great curiosity only seconds after being unleashed. Played with her new toys, both with us and alone. And of course, after way too many hours of being awake and showered with new people, smells and sounds, she fell asleep – literally going from standing and energetic to sleeping before her body even touched the mattress.

I slept on a mattress on the floor of my bedroom with her that night. 

She preferred my bed and I think she will love being older, taller and stronger
when she can jump up by herself, trusted and unsupervised

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the beginning of our new life together couldn’t have gone more smoothly. She was loved from the second I had her in my arms and she knew it. I got to be careful to not get wrapped around her little paw. 

01.01.19 certainly was a happy day full of change and excitement for the new year and the many more to come.

Silke 🐾
Natalie 💕


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